Mastering is the final artistic and technical stage of record creation before delivery to a pressing/replication facility or distribution online. The purpose is to ensure quality, consistency and good translation across a variety of playback systems and delivery formats.


 Mastering allows you a final opportunity to:
    • Make subtle repairs and enhancements.
    • Balance audio for overall cohesion.
    • Receive a fresh, impartial perspective on your project.

Esko Mastering provide services for Vinyl, Download , CD and iTunes.
Booking, file transfers and payments can all be made easily online via our user account system and client area.
Attended sessions are also welcome.

Processes typically include:
  • Equalization.
  • Dynamic adjustment.
  • Fades/cross-fades.
  • Track sequencing, gaps.
  • Removal of extraneous noises.
  • Compilation of meta data

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Vinyl Premaster

For the most part, a master created for CD or Download should work well on vinyl, but I can ensure that potential issues are flagged up and addressed


Areas that can cause problems during the cutting of vinyl are:


  • Excessive high or low frequency information.
  • Hard panned bass elements.
  • Song sequencing.
  • Running time.

    Vinyl pre-masters are typically delivered to the pressing plant at a higher resolution than CD (eg. 24bit 96kHz)


    A Vinyl pre-master file-set can be created at an additional rate of €12 per project.
    If you’re sending production masters created here, you can request a flat cut from the pressing plant.

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    Mastered for iTunes

    Mastered for iTunes, is a set of tools and best practices to ensure that the conversion to the Apple AAC format takes place in the least destructive way.


    Source files must be 24 bit 44.100kHz minimum with no full scale clipping.


    Esko Mastering are an Apple accredited MFiT provider.


    More about the process here

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    PMCD (pre-master CD) is a physical format accepted by CD pressing facilities.
    I can provide an error checked and verified PMCD if requested, although most pressing plants will accept DDP or Wav file-sets.

    There is extra charge for this service is to cover disc creation, error checking, postage and packaging.


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    WAV and DDP files are included in the basic rate. Either can be submitted to a pressing or replication facility.
    DDP is a file format used in the manufacture of CD which includes the audio for the entire master. The advantage of using DDP is that track sequencing, spacing and metadata are encoded into the file.
    A link to a DDP player software (Hofa) will be included with your completed pre-master.

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