Esko Mastering is a studio built within a converted barn in the woodland of Janakkala, Finland.
Quiet surroundings and ideal building dimensions made it possible to create a room without the acoustic compromises needed when extreme isolation is required or space is tight.
The result is a great sounding, comfortable space that is excellent for both attended and online mastering sessions.
Special care has been taken over the selection of studio equipment. Each item has been meticulously tested as part of a processing chain. Short signal paths, proven circuit designs and component matching to tight tolerances ensure that musical integrity of the source is preserved.
The acoustics of the space were designed by Janne Riionheimo of



Robin Sutherland

Originally from Dundee, Scotland, Robin has been a self-employed audio engineer for over 15 years. Since recording and mixing his first album at the age of 18; he has progressed from home studios, to co-founding and operating a farmhouse recording studio in Muirhead, Angus.


In summer of 2012 Robin moved to Finland, established the company ‘Esko Mastering’ and embarked on the building of the mastering studio.


In addition to studio work, Robin has worked extensively as a freelance live engineer and system designer, both in-house and with a number of touring productions. He has a keen interest in audio electronics and has built or modified most of the studio equipment.
Selection of Robin’s engineering credits here.


  • Meyer monitoring.
  • Neumann W495STB.
  • DAOC – Custom Valve, optical compressor.
  • Barry Porter ‘NetEQ’ Mastering EQ.
  • Pultec/Neve MS EQ – Custom built passive eq.
  • Conversion by Benchmark + Arda.
  • Custom, passive transfer and monitor controller.
  • 1/4inch, 1/2inch analogue tape, CD, MD, DAT Playback options.
  • Plugins by Universal Audio
  • Izotope RX
  • DMG audio Equilibrium + Limitless